About Varoom

You love managing your own vacation rental home. But you need more bookings, good rates and to fill empty dates. You don't want to shell out more ad money without a guarantee. You don't want to hire a full-time management company. So what to do?

Now there is a way to have the best of both worlds. Varoom.biz is a brand new way of cooperating. Varoom can increase your income by filling up your rental. Here is how it works:

Guest Leads

  • Visitors can come from anywhere
  • But don't know where to look
  • Can go away without renting

Manager Needs

  • In many geographic locations
  • Local managers have extra inquiries
  • With no where to send them

Owner Openings

  • Rent-By-Owners want those bookings
  • To accept them smoothly and easily
  • To pay only a small commission

That is exactly how the Varoom works.

Owners & Managers cooperate in a non-exclusive relationship. There is no long-term contract required and no up-front cost. Basic ground rules are necessary, but the entire system is transparent and friendly.


To see how it works for property owners, visit Varoom.biz ->

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