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Internet and Indoor Plumbing

By Thelma Coffone
Published: 03/01/11 Topics: Comments: 0

Internet and Indoor Plumbing Who Wants to Live Without Them?

In today’s environment, most people don’t want to live without either of them. It goes without saying that indoor plumbing is a must have in your vacation home rental but surveys show that the Internet is equally important to the majority of people.

The Internet is thought of more as a utility like electricity and water than as a luxury. Millions of workers telecommute each day and others, although not telecommuters, have the need to keep in touch with their offices and at least check e-mail frequently. The obvious benefits of telecommuting include the freedom to travel while still staying “connected” with their jobs.

Today, most vacation home rentals offer high speed Internet connections for their guests. As most people travel with a laptop computer, it isn’t necessary to have a computer in the home for their use. However, since the cost of computer systems are now so reasonable, it is a good idea to have a work space including a computer and peripherals available for the guest. It is another amenity to make your home more desirable.

An excellent source for additional income would be renting a laptop to guests staying in homes with an Internet connection but no computer. You might also consider offering a printer, scanner and fax machine along with the computer as a package deal. A basket with office supplies such as paper clips, stapler, scissors, file folders, printer paper, pens and pencils, etc. would surely impress your guest.

We as Vacation Rental Managers and Owners are missing the boat if we don’t take advantage of today’s need for the Internet when marketing our homes for rental. If you offer Internet capabilities, be sure to MARKET that amenity. It may prove to be the one thing that makes someone select your house for vacation versus one that “isn’t in touch with the world”.

As for the indoor plumbing….do I really need to say more?

Author: Thelma Coffone, Vacation Rental Association
Blog #: 0181 – 03/01/11

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