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Gorgeous area.

Gorgeous area. Read moreDylan

Wildflour is amazing

Read moreAlexandra

Awesome Staff !

The new Wildflower restaurant at Kahler Glen Golf Course is probably the best food we've ever had on the east side of the Mounds Read moreMike

Favorite Place!

Kahler Glen is my favorite place to go to. The golf course is very nice Read moreKelsey

Rating Only

Read moreJose

Very Nice Staff !

The golf course is in beautiful shape. The Pro Shop staff is very nice, friendly and helpful. These restaurant is open every day now. They are offering tasty items for breakfast, lunch and on the weekends dinner. Read moreJJ

Great Place !

Great place to stay. This place is low key, non-pretensious, and quiet.Our family has enjoyed visiting Kahler Glen for about 8 years for 3-4 days each winter. Read moreCinnia

Nice Course!

It was really nice course – Don

Pretty Good

The golf was pretty good the golf course itself but I enjoyed the restaurant as well Read moreDave

I love Kahler Glen

I love Kahler Glen and think it is so cool that they are reaching out to the kids in the community through JR golf. Read moreStephen

Queit Course

Lovely, quiet course Read moreRobert

Awesome Gateway

Rented a condo there for a winter getaway it was awesome. Would go back in a heart beat Read moreHowie

Great round

Great round Read moreDustin

Beautiful Cross

Beautiful cross country ski area. Read morePatrick

Great food

Great food, great people. Love it.

Beautiful Home

Beautiful large Veranda home. Perfect in everyway. Read moreJeannie

Great Place !

Great place to stay and unwind over a long weekend. Would definitely book again! Read moreJennifer

We Loved It !!

we loved it Read moreWilliam

Cute Little Cabin

The pictures don't do this place justice! Cute little cabin perched on top of a hill between mountains Read moreCassandra

Great Stay

great stay near Leavenworth! Read moreColin

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